About us

The word Cool is defined as an extremely casual expression to mean something that is "intensely good".

Whether you have a nice picnic, a casual gathering or an event, we want to be there to make sure that important day is " Intensely good".

We know how time consuming celebrating a big moment can be. We understand you want everything to be perfect and that's why we are here. We will help you with any need you may have, leaving you with extra time to make sure you don't forget to invite that overly sensitive friend or family member we all have... yikes!

About Us

Cool Picnics, Events and Rentals was created during times of Covid-19 where many special moments were not possible to be celebrated. This event changed the way we celebrate, but it did not dim our dreams to experience magical moments. That is why my husband and I decided to start this business. We want to help people recover the time they lost. Just like you, we are taking the proper precautions so you can enjoy safe Cool Picnics, Events and Rentals.